Do you have a child in your home that is in the acting industry? Protecting them and their welfare should be a top priority for the parents of any child actor. Here are some steps recommended by our experts at Kids Act LA that you can take to protect your child from fans and predators.


1 - First thing you should stop doing is stop using your child’s SSN on their resumes that you send in to different companies. Today, this is no longer a requirement since they are most likely going to ask for a SAG number. If your child is not registered with the Screen Actors Guild, just leave the space blank.


2 - You need to either change your phone number of make it private. Once your phone number is listed online, it will stay that way for a very long time. Sometimes, by changing it to private won’t do the trick so you may consider changing the number completely. Once you change it, keep it unlisted from the very beginning.


3 - Constantly review and go through your child’s fan mail. Once your child has appeared on a tv show or movie, they will start to get some fan mail from strangers. Your child will think this is really cool at first, but you need to take control over this fain mail. Do not let them read any mail that looks suspicious, especially those from prisons or jails.



4 - Start taking your own digital memory cards to the photographer. You will want to protect your child’s raw images that are taken by a photographer. If the photographer insists on using film in addition to your digital memory card, you must make sure to get all negatives. You want to do everything you can to prevent your child photos from showing up on the internet the day after their shoot.


5 - Don’t look for agents at the local mall. It is not uncommon for your child to get a flyer in the mail to come to the mail to meet with a talent agent or manager. If this happens, do not go! Many of these individuals or companies make their money by charging you large fees upfront. A good talent manager or agency will take a percentage of what the child makes when they are booked for shows or photo shoots.



6 - Do your homework always! Never, ever, ever, stop learning about the industry that you child is in. You should strive to attend workshops and seminars at least yearly to stay abreast of what is happening in your child’s industry.


7 - Provide a strong support structure for your child actor. Believe it or not, your child will be turned down for many opportunities. It is important for them to have a strong support structure to help them is they get down or depressed.



8 - As soon as your child gets their first job, register their name as a website domain. Today, anyone can register a domain name for cheap. Quickly snatch up your child’s name so no one can steal it from under you. Domain names are relatively cheap, for about $10 you can secure your child’s name in case you ever want to do a website for them.


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