If there’s a best person who can influence your child’s creativity, it would be you. Firing up your child’s creativity is important because it helps build his self-confidence. It also creates a positive self-perception as he realizes the things he can do and eventually develop a particular interest that can enhance his abilities much better.

Here are some neat ideas suggests by our experts at Kids Act LA you can use to help motivate your child’s creativity:

1. Spend a whole day bonding with your child - Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, choose a specific day when you would be able to spend time with your child. Make this day strictly about him or her and turn yourself away from work even at least once a day. This way, you can watch your child open up to you and tell you more about the things that particularly interest him and what stuff does he want to get to know more. This way, you can encourage him to do the things he like and tell him more about those things which he are interested in. It would also be great to spend it doing fun activities and going to places where your child particularly wants to go.

2. Read stories to your kids - Those bedtime scenes in movies where parents tuck their kids to bed is not just effective on screen. It’s also a good way of arming your kids with a healthy dose of creativity. As you tell them various stories you motivate them to use their imagination to try visualizing how the whole thing is actually happening. While narrating the events to them, it would also be fun if you would let your kid make u a different ending or try to guess what would happen next in the story.

3. Buy them coloring and art materials - Every kid finds vibrant colors fascinating. This is also the reason why it’s so easy for them to get drawn to picking up crayons, or using pencils on papers as they explore the wonders of writing. Don’t be afraid to let them get dirty if it means that they get to explore art. Besides, there are lots of non-toxic art materials that are available these days so you no longer have to worry about purchasing dangerous ones that kids might put in their mouth when you’re not looking.

4. Let them design their own room - You can make a simple home project for them by letting them plan how they would like their own room to look like. Allow them to plan and sort what they’d want to find inside their room. Let them choose the colors that they would like to see on their walls. Doing this would also allow you to see how their personalities are really like.


Further you can enroll them to our acting classes at Kids Act LA in Orange County. We are leading in acting, as well as in personal growth. We specialize in children.

We believe that every child has a hidden creative spirit within them, but as kids they would need guidance to discover that talent which they have. Our acting classes at Kids Act LA Classes provides the support and motivation that you are willing to give them does a lot to boost their creative craft.

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