What is positive child discipline? According to popular consensus, positive child discipline is the method of disciplining that involves no use of punishments. Instead, the parents, caregivers or teachers use techniques like motivation, rewarding, etc to behave and act appropriately.

However, disciplining kids is not always that easy. Sometimes the kids just do not understand it what you tell them. And, some kids just need to find out the consequences of crossing the limits set for them by their parents and others. Those are strong willed kids, who will need some form of punishment for them to understand what you say. In that sense, punishment is not a negative thing per se.

Positive child discipline can involve the repetition of instructions to your kids. You talk firmly to your kids. You tell them to do what you want. If they don’t comply, you wait for a few seconds before repeating your demand. You repeat it in a firm, but controlled voice until your kid complies.


This can be frustrating for most parents. Their immediate response will be to punish their kids for not complying with their directions. This will only hurt your kids. Your kid wants to do something and you want him/her to do something else. Your kid feels like you are acting against his/her will.

In case of constant repetition of your demand, you can divert attention of your kid by taking him/her to a different place and he/she doesn’t feel bad about your action. However, if you punish, it is not so.

Another method of positive child discipline is offering choices. For example, you can ask: ‘What do you want to do first? Put away your clothes or your toys?’. Either choice is good for you. Either choice is good for your kids. Your kid learns to put away things and to keep his/her place tidy. The freedom you gave him/her to take a decision also will improve your kid’s self-esteem.


With positive child discipline, you use the techniques of disciplining kids. You will also help your kids grow as individuals of self-esteem, confidence, and independent thinking.

Our experts at Kids Act LA Acting Classes suggest teaching your kids the ways of successful people early in their lives. Let them grow as individuals of high self-esteem, self-reliance, and decision-making capabilities. Disciplining kids is like giving your kids the tools they need for a highly successful life.