When considering child development and learning it is important to ensure that your child is given the chance to develop to their fullest potential; and this can be done by providing your child with developmentally appropriate toys and activities.

Child development and learning go hand in hand in the sense that young children are constantly developing socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively, and they are also constantly learning about the world around them from their life experiences.


Because a child has a natural curiosity to learn about the world around them, parents can see to it that opportunities present themselves daily to foster that knowledge in their child through child development and learning opportunities that can include everything from going on a nature walk, to baking a batch of cookies, to reading a book together.

You don’t need expensive equipment or fancy preschool program to provide children with stimulating child development and learning opportunities. Playing in water with measuring cups and funnels is an excellent way to teach young children science experiences. Add things to the water and see which ones float and which ones sink, and you have just extended your child’s science experience.

In order to ensure that child development and learning stimulate your child you need to ensure that the experiences you provide for your child are both stimulating and age appropriate.


Stimulating child development and learning is dependent on the child’s age, as well as their personal interest. Activities that sustain your child’s interest are activities he is most likely to learn from. Your child may learn best from rolling up his sleeves and using his hands to explore; whether that is with finger paint or with gardening tools. He might learn best when he is in constant motion.

Or your child may thrive in a structured atmosphere where exploration takes place in the pages of a book, or the pensive building of a structure. You know your child’s learning style best. The most useful child development and learning takes place when the child is in an atmosphere that he is most comfortable with.

Activities that are beyond a child’s developmental age will make a child feel frustrated and can even have a negative effect on their self esteem and self worth. Child development and learning are effected when a child is expected to work at activities that are beyond their level. This can also result in a child acting in an inappropriate way.

Learning opportunities that are stimulating, age appropriate and fitting to the child’s learning style can have a strong and positive effect on child development and learning.

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